Why did Olena Zelenska create her Foundation?

Since the beginning of the full-scale invasion, the First Lady of Ukraine has expanded her program activities and focused on helping those affected by the war. In particular, "20 convoys of life" were organized, which enabled sending more than 550 children with severe cancer to hospitals in Europe, the United States and Canada; more than 80 ambulances were purchased; 13 incubators were provided to children's hospitals; children from orphanages were evacuated for a temporary stay abroad; humanitarian aid was provided to family-type orphanages in three de-occupied regions (Kyiv, Chernihiv, and Sumy). However, the number of requests and needs increases every day. That is why Olena Zelenska decided to establish the Foundation. It will significantly scale up aid to people and provide decent education and treatment to everyone who needs it.

Who is the main potential donors?

We will focus our efforts on attracting foreign capital.

What exactly does the Foundation do within the three directions: medicine, education, humanitarian aid?

We are focused on helping people affected by the war, restoring infrastructure (medical and educational) facilities and the material and technical base.


In the "medicine" direction, we provide the following aid to people affected during the war:

● targeted aid to war victims (prosthetics, burns and other types of injuries);

● reconstruction of medical facilities;

● provision of material and technical base.


In the "education" direction, we provide the following aid:

● targeted aid;

● reconstruction of school and preschool institutions;

● provision of material and technical base.


In the "humanitarian aid" direction, we provide targeted aid to family-type orphanages and families that have adopted a child.

Can I apply to the Foundation for aid as an individual?

Yes, soon such an opportunity will appear on the website.

Can I help the Foundation with anything other than money?

Of course. Soon, such an opportunity will appear on the website.

How does the Foundation select projects to invest in?

Soon there will be an opportunity on the website to submit an application for aid. We expect a large number of requests and understand that we will not be able to meet absolutely all of them. Still, we created this Foundation to help as many people as possible and will continue to work to restore lives. 

In addition, we cooperate with state bodies of Ukraine, in particular with the Ministry of Education and Science, the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Social Policy. With their help, we get information about current requests and choose those that we will work on.

Who audits the activities of the Foundation?

Olena Zelenska Foundation has reached a full agreement on cooperation with the Big Four auditing company Ernst & Young. The audit will be conducted in accordance with the requirements of international standards at the end of the financial year.

What is the difference between the work of United24 and the Olena Zelenska Foundation?

United24 is a fundraising platform, funds from which go to the accounts of the National Bank of Ukraine and are transferred to relevant ministries, which distribute them according to projects. The projects are implemented within three directions: defense and demining, medicine, reconstruction of Ukraine.

The Olena Zelenska Foundation is a charitable organization. We independently choose specific projects, raise funds for their implementation and monitor the implementation from the beginning to the very end. Projects are implemented within three directions: medicine, education, humanitarian aid. In particular, the Foundation's humanitarian aid efforts are aimed at supporting family-type orphanages, people with disabilities, and the population in the de-occupied territories.

These two initiatives are autonomous and independent. Projects implemented within the framework of both initiatives are aimed at improving the lives of people in Ukraine and do not duplicate each other.

If I applied for assistance through the website, does this guarantee that I will receive it?

We track all requests that are left on the website. If we can provide assistance according to your request, you will be contacted by representatives of the Foundation. Filing in a request form is not a guarantee of receiving assistance.

Please note: applications received by email will not be considered. Only applications submitted through the "Get help" form on the website will be considered.