CHF 250,000 for help: Liechtenstein made a pledge to help the people of Ukraine through the Olena Zelenska Foundation

22 December 2022
The First Lady of Ukraine Olena Zelenska met the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Education and Sport of the Principality of Liechtenstein, Dominique Hasler. Within the International Humanitarian Cooperation and Development program, Liechtenstein pledged CHF 250 000 to projects supporting the people of Ukraine through Olena Zelenska Foundation.

It took place during the visit of the delegation of women — leaders of the EU countries in charge of the European direction of their states.

The  First Lady and the team of the Foundation actively negotiate with foreign funds and leaders and build personal contact with every international partner who wants to give aid — especially in humanitarian direction or helping Ukrainian children.

The main focus of the meeting was the current situation in Ukraine: the war and its effects on the Ukrainian people.

The First Lady of Ukraine expressed gratitude for the significant help from the European countries to Ukraine, especially for supporting those people who will spend this winter under missile attacks, with power and mobile connection outages.

“We are grateful for your help to ensure that Ukrainians have access to heating and electricity during this cold weather, as well as have the opportunity to stay in touch with their families”, said Olena Zelenska.

The First Lady of Ukraine and representatives of the Foundation also held a meeting with the International Rescue Committee and the largest UK charities: Buttle UK, Save the Children and World Vision UK in December. Now the Foundation is moving on to agree on specific projects with British charitable foundations, in particular, aimed at the safety, well-being and education of children in Ukraine. So, for example, the representatives of the Foundation have already agreed that they will work with the crisis groups of British organizations on the ground to find and close all the requests from the people most affected by the war even more quickly than now. 

The Olena Zelenska Foundation was created to involve international partners in helping Ukrainians in need. The initiative has three main directions: humanitarian help, education and healthcare. The foundation's main aim is to make every Ukrainian feel important and safe and to give everyone the opportunity to build a future in Ukraine.