The Paskevych family has moved into their new home as part of Olena Zelenska Foundation "Room for Childhood" project

03 April 2024
The Foundation built a house for the large foster family of the Paskevychs in the Stryi district, Lviv region, thanks to the charitable contribution from the United Arab Emirates.

The Paskevych family was forced to relocate from Dnipropetrovsk region to western Ukraine at the beginning of the full-scale invasion. The parents with nine children and five cats were left without housing and basic necessities. They also had their own dairy farm and livestock in Dnipropetrovsk region.

The First Lady visited the village of Veryn, where the Paskevych family moved, leaving their home, in March 2023. It was then that the decision was made to build housing for such families.

We can say that the history of the "Room for Childhood" project began with this family. And now, within a year, the family has a new home. It has five children's bedrooms, a parent's room, rooms for games and learning, all necessary household appliances, furniture, and accommodation for fifteen people.

The Foundation build the house close to theplace where the family lived. There’s a school bus "Scholyarik'' that runs from the Paskevych family's new home, so children who already have new friends here and have fallen in love with the local school, don’t have to change it.

Nine more large families will move into their new homes by the summer of 2024. We plan to continue the project and continue our search for patrons. After all, according to preliminary estimates, at least 80 homes for large foster families have been destroyed in Ukraine.

Additional info: as part of the "Room for Childhood" project, the Foundation is constructing 14 houses for large foster families in eight regions of the country. This is already the fifth family to receive the keys to a new home. Nine more large families will move into their new homes by the summer of 2024.

All accommodations are inclusive, energy-efficient, furnished, and equipped with household appliances. The total area of each house is 285 square meters.

Concrete shelters (civil defence structure) with metal blast-resistant doors are installed in the yards of the houses. The Foundation oversees the entire construction process: from project documentation to interior decoration.

All houses for the "Room for Childhood" project are transferred to the community's balance. Families have the right to live in them as long as their large foster family exists.

The construction of the Paskevych family's house was supported by the government of the United Arab Emirates. The "Room for Childhood" project, together with the Foundation, is also being implemented with the support of the Estonian government (through the Estonian Center for International Development ESTDEV), the Australian fund Minderoo Foundation, the government of Romania (through the Romanian Agency for International Cooperation and Development, RoAid), Global Empowerment Mission, CLT panel manufacturer CLT Rezult, and other partners.