Olena Zelenska Foundation and Banco Santander (Spain) provided tablets to children in 8 communities of the Odesa region

13 December 2023
Olena Zelenska Foundation began working with Banco Santander (Spain). Thanks to this partnership, 714 tablets were purchased for Ukrainian schoolchildren so they could continue their studies online during the war.

Since the war broke out, Santander has taken part in initiatives to ensure the well-being of Ukrainians, including refugees, with support from employee volunteers and other organizations.

The Foundation decided to send 606 devices to meet the online learning needs of children in grades 1-4 in eight communities in Odesa, Ukraine. Other devices will be sent to orphans and children being raised in large foster families.

"The tablets, provided to children thanks to the donation from Banco Santander, will enable students to continue their education without interruption," says Nina Horbachova, director of Olena Zelenska Foundation.

The Foundation began negotiating a partnership with Banco Santander in June 2023 through the Embassy of Ukraine in Spain.

One of the main areas of activity of the Olena Zelenska Foundation is ensuring access to education. So, the Foundation continues to look for partners in this direction. Over the course of the year, the Foundation has delivered nearly 39,000 laptops to teachers and more than 9,000 devices to Ukrainian schoolchildren.

Additional information on Banco Santander’s efforts to support Ukraine:

Santander opened the El Solaruco Residence at Boadilla del Monte, Madrid, to host some 200 refugees. Facilities included a nursery school as well as means for children to keep up with their lessons in Ukraine remotely.

Among the refugees were 30 children living with cancer or other illnesses. They were able to continue their treatment in Madrid.

Some 300 Group employees volunteered to give Spanish lessons, yoga classes, piano concerts, trips to the Madrid Zoo, shows for young children, and other activities.

A digital platform was created by the CEOE Foundation to educate refugees and help them find work, with support from Universia.

Fundación Banco Santander dispensed EUR 250,000 to 11 small and medium-sized NGOs to support initiatives aimed at children, teenagers and other vulnerable groups.

Santander removed fees on transfers from European countries to Ukraine from accounts and cards held by Ukrainian customers in Poland.

Santander donated EUR 1 million to the Red Cross and UNHCR and matched employees' donations.