Olena Zelenska Foundation and the Ministry of Health handed over 50 evacuation ambulances from the government of the United Arab Emirates to paramedics

30 January 2024
Olena Zelenska Foundation and the Ministry of Health of Ukraine handed over 50 emergency evacuation vehicles to paramedics provided by the government of the United Arab Emirates.

27 such vehicles arrived in Ukraine. The first batch of special transport, consisting of 23 units, arrived in our country at the end of 2023. Thus, the humanitarian aid from the UAE in the form of ambulances has reached a total of 50 units.

The President's wife expressed her gratitude for the assistance in implementing the project to the Embassy of Ukraine in the UAE.

"At least half a thousand ambulances have been destroyed or stolen by the enemy. That's not just a material loss - it's a risk of not being able to reach those who need help in time. That's what makes this event so special. There is nothing more important to us than saving lives. We are grateful to everyone who helps us in this," said Olena Zelenska.

All vehicles are being distributed to the regions most in need of special vehicles for medical evacuation and assistance.

"These 27 evacuation ambulances will help medics to continue working and saving lives even in extremely difficult conditions. This is a significant reinforcement of our healthcare system," said Viktor Liashko, Minister of Health of Ukraine.

The ambulances have everything needed to provide emergency medical care and evacuate patients as quickly as possible, even in off-road conditions.

"These are essentially type 'B' ambulances that can operate in extremely difficult off-road conditions and damaged infrastructure. Such vehicles have proven their effectiveness and appropriateness during the operations of disaster medical assistance team in de-occupied and frontline territories," explained Vitaliy Kryliuk, head of the State Institution "Ukrainian Scientific and Practical Center of Emergency Medical Aid and Disaster Medicine of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine."

Olena Zelenska Foundation continues to engage international partners to support Ukraine's medical infrastructure, which is constantly targeted by the enemy.

"The Foundation is actively involved in restoring the medical infrastructure that is being destroyed by the enemy every day. One of our priorities today is to provide medics with special transportation. Unfortunately, under the conditions of war, this need remains constant. We're very grateful to the government of the UAE for their prompt response and support for healthcare in Ukraine," said Nina Horbachova, director of the Foundation.