The Defense Intelligence of Ukraine received a medical helicopter for evacuation from the frontline regions, equipped and modernized by Olena Zelenska Foundation with the KSE Foundation

26 January 2024
The MI-2 AM-1 helicopter for the Defense Intelligence of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine was upgraded and equipped with modern medical equipment. Olena Zelenska Foundation directed funds for the project.

As part of the Donate to Evacuate initiative from the charitable funds KSE Foundation and DefDev, Olena Zelenska Foundation allocated $500,000 of accumulated international funds to equip the medevac with modern medical equipment.

Thus, doctors will be able to provide emergency assistance in the air. Onboard are: artificial lung ventilation and cardiac monitoring equipment, a defibrillator, an oxygen inhalation module and oxygen reducer, a suction machine for airway aspiration.

"When it comes to saving lives, time is of the essence. The helicopter can reach the location quickly and evacuate the injured, so the decision to upgrade the helicopter was made without hesitation. Healthcare is one of the key areas of the Foundation's work. We modernize hospitals, we provide ambulances, and now, thanks to the modern medical equipment that we've equipped the helicopter with, people will receive rapid medical assistance in the air. They’ll have a chance to survive after enemy attacks," says Nina Horbachova, director of the Foundation.

The medevac can perform medical evacuations from areas within range of Russian artillery. Estimated time of arrival at the place of call is 15 minutes.

"Helicopters can reach the most remote and inaccessible places, making them indispensable for rescue operations. Unfortunately, in hard-to-reach areas, in areas under constant bombardment, people often die not from fatal wounds, but from the lack of timely, qualified medical care. Aeroevacuation gives these people a chance," explains a paramedic.

Depending on the condition of the casualties, the medevac can carry: three lightly wounded patients; one seriously wounded and two lightly wounded; or one patient in extremely critical condition.

"The early start of medical care is crucial. The MI-2 AM-1 helicopter can cover a distance of up to 600 km at a speed of up to 200 km/h. We must not only preserve life but also do everything to ensure that the injured can recover as much as possible - to save limbs, and to prevent the development of complications," says Svitlana Denysenko, director of the KSE Foundation.

A strategically important medical evacuation helicopter must be as inconspicuous as possible, which is why it’s camouflaged. A unique pattern was created using the contours of Ukraine and its regions. It symbolizes the unity of Ukrainians in their quest to preserve life and freedom.