Another large foster family received the keys to their new home in Kharkiv region as part of Olena Zelenska Foundation's "Room for Childhood" project

22 February 2024
The Foundation team personally handed over the keys to the Vatashchuk family. Representatives of the Kharkiv Military Administration, which supported the project and found the land, were also present at the housewarming event. This house in the Kharkiv region was built by the Foundation with the support of the government of the United Arab Emirates.

The new home for the large foster family has five children's rooms and a bedroom for the parents, a study and play room, a kitchen, a laundry room, and five bathrooms. The house is equipped with a powerful generator and a reliable shelter for 15 people. All rooms are built according to government emergency standards. The total area of the house is 285 square meters.

The Vatashchuks’ native home in the village of Kurylivka, Kupiansk district, was destroyed. This area has been under constant enemy shelling since the start of the full-scale war. It’s dangerous to live there, so the Vatashchuks were forced to move to a quieter place in the Kharkiv region.

"When Angelina and Rostyslav, foster parents of four children, contacted our Foundation in the summer of 2023, they told us about their dream. Even before the war, the Vatashchuks wanted to create a large foster family, but when the full-scale invasion began, they had to put their dream on hold for a while. Evacuation from their hometown of Kurylivka, uncomfortable temporary housing in Kharkiv region - all this prevented them from taking in children. After we decided to build a home for this family, the Vatashchuks finally took in five more children. We are very happy that our "Room for Childhood" project is fulfilling the dreams of both parents and children," says Foundation Director Nina Horbachova.

This is the fourth out of fourteen families to receive their new "Room for Childhood". In the next few months, all the large foster families will move into their new homes.

Olena Zelenska Foundation implements the "Room for Childhood" project exclusively with the support of international donors. We plan to continue the project and are constantly looking for new sponsors. After all, according to preliminary estimates, at least 80 houses of large foster families have been destroyed in Ukraine.