Slovenia supports healthcare projects of Olena Zelenska Foundation and has also donated a neonatal ambulance for the maternity hospital

15 March 2024
Slovenia continues to support Ukraine's healthcare sector. Specifically, the Slovenian government has provided a donation of 200,000 euros to Olena Zelenska Foundation. This charitable contribution will be used for the reconstruction of the Central Hospital in Izium, Kharkiv region.

The donation will be allocated to the first stage of the hospital reconstruction.

"We are grateful to the Slovenian government for its systematic support of Ukraine. It's especially valuable to us that Slovenia has joined the patrons who are helping to restore the strategically important hospital in Izium. Being close to the front line, the doctors at this hospital will be able to provide medical assistance as quickly as possible. Time is life," said Nina Horbachova, director of Olena Zelenska Foundation.

The reconstruction of the Izium Central Hospital is one of the key projects supervised by Olena Zelenska Foundation in the healthcare field. The Izium hospital is a key medical complex in the Kharkiv region, being the only hospital within a 125-kilometer radius where 150,000 patients received medical care before the full-scale invasion.

Additionally, as part of its support to Ukraine in the field of healthcare, the Slovenian government recently handed over a modern Class C neonatal ambulance to Kyiv maternity hospital.

The vehicle for transporting and providing emergency assistance to newborns and premature babies is equipped with modern medical equipment. Inside, there is an incubator — NeoSave IV system, installed conditioning and heating system, oxygen reservoirs. All power supply systems controlled by the intelligent EQ Control Pro system.

The Deputy Minister of Health of Ukraine Ihor Kopach and the Ambassador of the Republic of Slovenia to Ukraine Mateja Prevolšek were present at the delivery of the vehicle.

"The number of premature births is increasing. This is a direct result of the stress experienced by pregnant women due to the war. In order for medical professionals to continue working and saving lives, it’s crucial to constantly replenish the fleet of ambulances. Grateful to partners and friends from around the world who support us. Grateful to Slovenia, which joins the assistance and joint initiatives with the First Lady of Ukraine Olena Zelenska Foundation. This is crucial for us and our children," said Deputy Minister of Health of Ukraine Ihor Kopach.

Ambassador of the Republic of Slovenia to Ukraine Mateja Prevolšek assured that Slovenia will continue to provide humanitarian assistance to Ukraine, as it has done since the first day of the full-scale invasion.

"Slovenia is constantly looking for new opportunities to support Ukraine, not only in the field of healthcare and rehabilitation of war victims but also in the field of humanitarian demining, decentralization reform, and strengthening local communities, from already established projects to the development of new partnerships, including through involvement of the private sector," emphasized Ambassador of Slovenia to Ukraine Mateja Prevolšek.

We are grateful to the government of Slovenia for the assistance provided. We appreciate everyone who helps Ukraine.