The large foster family of Moiseyenkos moved into their new home in Lutsk city after two years of searching for permanent housing

13 June 2024

One more large foster family moved in their new house thanks to Olena Zelenska Foundation’s “Room for Childhood” project. To settle in, Moiseyenkos came from Zaporizhzhia with all their belongings.

The Moiseyenkos’ house is in the occupied Khmelnytske village, not far from Tokmak city. Some say it has been completely looted and is no longer suitable for living.

Despite the difficulties, the spouses Iryna and Oleksandr continue adopting children from institutions. Since the beginning of the full-scale invasion, they took in four more children. Now their family includes seven foster children.

Moiseyenkos took 3-year-old Liza and 5-year-old Kateryna last year when one of the orphanages of Zaporizhzhia city was dissolved due to danger.

But the oldest children, 14-year-old Andrii and 12-year-old Anna became members of this large foster family only a few months ago. The teens quickly found a common language with other children and love to help parents look after their babies.

The Moiseyenkos are another large foster family who lost their home because of the war and finally owns it thanks to Olena Zelenska Foundation’s “Room for Childhood” project. The construction of the house was backed by the government of the United Arab Emirates.

Additional information
Together with the Foundation, the Room for Childhood project is also implemented by the Australian Minderoo Foundation, the government of Estonia (through the Estonian Center for International Development ESTDEV), and other partners. 

In 2023, the Olena Zelenska Foundation launched the Room for Childhood project to build housing for large foster families. So far, 14 houses have been built in Kharkiv, Kyiv, Cherkasy, Volyn, Ivano-Frankivsk, Lviv, Zhytomyr, and Zakarpattia regions. This housing is transferred to the community balance sheet. The families will be able to live in it for the entire duration of their large foster family.