Large foster families in the Odesa region continue to receive assistance from the Olena Zelenska Foundation

26 June 2023
The second batch of humanitarian aid for the children of large foster families has arrived in Odesa. This time, the most necessary household items were provided to 51 foster families.

Gas boilers, generators, household appliances, bedding, bicycles, and gadgets for children's education are now available to the large foster families. In total, with the support of the Foundation, assistance was provided to families raising 396 children.

The foster family of Halyna and Mykola Martynenko has six children. The parents requested a gas boiler from the Foundation to heat their home because the previous winter posed a significant challenge due to the freezing temperatures. In addition to the boiler, the Foundation provided them with a washing machine, bedding, and other household items. The children received laptops for education, phones, and bicycles.

"Last year, during blackouts, the requests from families were mainly for generators and batteries, but now it's gadgets for children's education, boilers for heating homes, and household items. People have started to dream of a happy future, taking care of comfort and planning how to survive the next winter. This inspires us to help them even more," says Nina Horbachova, the director of the Foundation.

This is the second time the Foundation has sent humanitarian aid to large foster families in the Odesa region. Last year, the Foundation's team supported 10 foster families with almost 100 children in total.

Odesa is one of the eight regions in Ukraine to which the Foundation has delivered humanitarian aid for large foster families. Overall, thanks to the charitable contribution from the European Investment Bank, the Foundation team will be able to help more than 2,000 children from foster families.