Central City Hospital in Izium, Kharkiv region

Target amount:

11 mln USD

Goal: reconstruction, equipment and maintenance support of a medical institution
Сost of medical equipment: 5,5 mln USD
Cost of building works: 5,5 mln USD 

As a result of an artillery shell hitting the central building, the premises of the first and second floors, where the surgery suite, intensive care and a CT scan are located, were completely destroyed. The blast wave also blew out the window panes. The direct hit of a shell on an elevator shaft made the elevator fall from the fourth floor into the basement. The territory of the hospital was partially mined.

There are also damages in the department of infectious disease, children’s polyclinic department, maternity home, accountant’s office, pharmacy, clinical diagnostic laboratory, archive, nutrition unit, sterilizer room, laundries, and facilities.