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We are restoring the human capital of Ukraine


Olena Zelenska

My name is Olena Zelenska. Thank you for visiting the website of my Foundation.

Today, everyone in Ukraine is using their resources and abilities to prompt victory.

Over these long months of the full-scale invasion, together with our partners, both Ukrainian and foreign, we have implemented a lot of socially important projects, including the purchase of medical equipment, delivery of humanitarian aid, evacuation of children abroad, etc.

However, new needs and requests arise every day. So resources are needed to continue and expand our initiatives to help as many people as possible.

To act most efficiently, I am establishing this Foundation.

I want to use my resources and international connections to attract foreign investments to restore and improve people's lives in Ukraine because I believe that the restoration of the whole country begins with an individual.

We have all changed and tempered in recent times. We have realized that the efforts and help from each of us matter. Just like every individual matters. Since it is an individual that is the main value in Ukraine.

So, my Foundation is about people and for people. Join in!

Olena Zelenska


Every person in Ukraine deserves to feel physically and mentally healthy, safe, and able to exercise their right to education and build a future in their native country.



We are rebuilding a hospital in Izium. 140,000 patients were left without medical care due to the hospital's destruction by Russian missiles. We provide vehicles for medical evacuation. The Foundation also supported a project to provide psychosocial support to children affected by the full-scale invasion. 


Children need to continue their education because it is their future. The Foundation provided over 50 thousand laptops and tablets to the frontline and border regions of Ukraine. In addition, the Foundation is rebuilding and equipping bomb shelters in schools and kindergartens, and has supported a project to create educational spaces called “Superheroes Schools” in children's hospitals.

Humanitarian aid

The Foundation has supported one in three large foster families in Ukraine, each of which raises 5 to 10 children deprived of parental care, by providing humanitarian aid. In addition, the Foundation has already implemented the first wave of the “Room for Childhood” project, building 14 houses for large foster families who have lost their homes due to the full-scale war.

Our values:

Human Focused
All our work aims to improve people's lives because people and their well-being are the basis of any democratic country.
We work with the audit company Ernst & Young and report annually to the people and partners who help Ukrainians through the Foundation.
The best results are achieved in cooperation. Therefore, we are grateful to our partners for their help and are proud that we can be a practical guide to helping people in Ukraine.
A healthy and entire life should be accessible to everyone.

We cooperate with foreign businesses, international agencies, and other foundations that want to invest in restoring the human capital of Ukraine. Each of these organizations plays a separate and significant role in helping Ukraine.

How do we work?

How do we work?

Receive requests from people who need help

Find partners

Implement the project

Monitor the project to completion and provide transparent reporting afterward

The quarter report

The Foundation's report for the second half of 2023 presents information about our activities, particularly aimed at assisting large foster families with up to 10 children. The "Room for Childhood" project involves building new homes for such families to replace those lost due to the war. We also organized a summer vacation in the Carpathians for over 1200 children from large foster families and gave gifts to all 13,000 children in foster and large foster families across Ukraine on Christmas Eve 2023.

In 2023, a project to repair and equip shelters in Ukrainian schools and kindergartens was launched. This allows children to attend school, see friends and teachers, and lead a full social life. For online learning, the Foundation also provides students and teachers with laptops and tablets, supporting access to online education in Ukraine.

The Foundation continues the reconstruction of the central hospital in Izyum, Kharkiv region, damaged by the occupiers. At the same time, we are restoring the ambulance fleet throughout Ukraine.

In the report, you will find information about our friends and partners from over 25 countries around the world. We thank everyone who has joined us and invite others to cooperate!

The quarter report
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