The Olena Zelenska Foundation presented South Korea’s largest charity organization to requests of Ukrainians during the war

17 May 2023
The Foundation started its visit to South Korea with a meeting with the largest charitable organization Community Chest of Korea. It is the only organization that has been supported by the Korean government for 25 years

The Community Chest of Korea has a lot in common with the Foundation. First and foremost, we have a shared common value, where people are in the center of attention.

The Community Chest of Korea focuses on helping those in need. It supports the poor, takes care of orphans and promotes the welfare of people and the country.

The First Lady of Ukraine introduced Korean benefactors to the activities of her Foundation.

"I created the Foundation in order to help as many Ukrainians as possible through my international connections. The aggressor terrorizes the civilian population every day. The Foundation is focused on three important direction, which will become the basis of a better future. This is humanitarian aid, education and medicine," said the First Lady and founder of the Foundation.

Among the priority projects of the Foundation, Olena Zelenska named:
  • in the area of medicine – reconstruction of the Izium Central Hospital;
  • in the area of education – ensuring access to education by arranging bomb shelters in schools and kindergartens, providing teachers and schoolchildren with digital devices, purchasing school buses;
  • in the area of humanitarian aid – construction of houses for foster families that raise orphans and children deprived of parental care, providing these families with vehicles.

The Foundation is always pleased to have new international partners, because the recovery of the country is just beginning. And it begins precisely with the provision of the most urgent human needs. We are grateful to like-minded people from Community Chest of Korea for the invaluable exchange of experience and the commitment to human values that do not depend on continents.

The Foundation continues to look for international partners and implement projects so that the restoration of the well-being and life of Ukrainians remains in the center of attention of the world community.