Target amount:

8.5 mln USD

Goal: reconstruction, equipment and maintenance support of a medical institution
Cost of medical equipment: 4,4 mln USD
Cost of building works: 4,1 mln USD 

During the occupation of Balakliia the hospital continued providing medical care to chronically ill patients in serious condition, as well as civilians with gunshot injuries and mine-blast traumas suffered as a result of shelling by the occupiers.

The medical staff had to provide medical care in extreme conditions under shelling, air strikes, moral and physical pressure by the occupiers.

Standing on their knees, pressing a flashlight against the bed, performing manipulations, applying bandages, operating patients — this is how the medical workers of Balakliia were saving lives of the patients and the wounded during the occupation. They had to work in darkness due to the russians’ terror — the latter threatened to bombard the hospital with grenades if they saw any light. 

The list of equipment:

  • CT scanner
  • Stationary X-ray system 
  • Portable X-ray machine
  • Stationary ultrasound machine 
  • Mobile ultrasound machine 
  • Anesthesia breathing system
  • Ventilator
  • Defibrillator 
  • Digital mammography machine 
  • Patient monitor
  • Endoscopic video camera 
  • Monitor for endoscopic operations 
  • Endoscopic xenon lamp – 16 units
  • Fibergatroscope
  • Colposcope – 17 units
  • Bronchoscope – 18 units
  • Infusion pump
  • Electric suction machine
  • 12 channel ECG machine with a PC 
  • Mobile ECG machine 
  • Computer electroencephalograph